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At Hite & Stone, we are fiercely dedicated to protecting the rights of abused or neglected children. Our Abbeville attorneys are passionate about helping children who have been injured due to the negligence of the South Carolina Department of Social Services. We are also seek justice for children who have lost their lives in similar circumstances. We want all children in South Carolina to be safe and properly cared for.

Children have been raped, beaten, neglected and abused while in the custody of the Department of Social Services. Some children have even died in the custody of the Department of Social Services.

We are all too aware of how these incidents can be swept under the rug, and we will not stand for this. If you need help with an incident involving child abuse or neglect, and cannot get anyone to support you, reach out to use as soon as possible. We can fight tirelessly for the ones responsible for the abuse to be brought to justice.


The proudest moment in our history was not only recovering financially for our clients but also closing a facility where children were being abused. We are dedicated to stopping child abuse in its tracks and holding those responsible accountable for their actions.


If you suspect or are aware of child abuse or neglect, please notify the South Carolina Department of Social Services or your local law enforcement agency. If you have already done so and still need legal support for your case, Hite & Stone is available to come to your aid. It is important to be on the alert for signs of abuse.

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Indications of abuse can include:

  • Marks on the skin, including bruises, abrasions, burns, and lacerations.
  • Behavioral changes, including anxiety, depression, aggression, and withdrawal.
  • An unwillingness or fear of returning home.
  • Use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Inappropriate sexualized behavior or use of explicit language.
  • Changes in attendance or performance in school.
  • Reports or mention of sleeping problems, or habitual tiredness.
  • Extreme loss or gain of weight.
  • Difficulty walking or sitting.

Indications of neglect can include:

  • Consistently poor hygiene.
  • Inadequate clothing.
  • Continuous or consistent illness.
  • Frequent complaints of hunger, dangerously low weight, or noticeable lack of food.
  • Lack of supervision or reports of lack of supervision.

No matter how small your suspicions may be, it is of the utmost importance that you investigate the situation or alert the appropriate authorities. Remember too that abuse and neglect can be physical or emotional in nature, and both should be taken extremely seriously. In regards to child abuse, it is always better to be on the side of safety.


Our Abbeville child abuse attorneys are here to help you fight for justice. We are passionate and zealous about protecting the rights of children, and we are always available to listen to your concerns. We offer free consultations to discuss the details of your case with an experienced attorney and give you our informed advice on how to proceed.

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